About Our Store

A Life of Fashion

The two off us have been friends since we were 16. When we got out of college we lived together in Seattle and would boutique shop every Saturday. Our favorite place was geared towards artist designers. The nice part was buying from a shop that found new designers that only did a few pieces and that was what we were attracted to. Each item that we purchased made us feel like were helping a new and upcoming artist as well as defined our own individuality. That experience has shaped our idea of what makes things special to each and everyone of us. So thus we opened Hapyrunr Shopping. Kelly started running and fell in love with marathons so thus the name Hapyrunr was created as well as a great name for a mobile boutique

shopping store. I (Jolica) am a jewelry designer and understand the importance of making  people happy when you create the thing in their head that they most desire. So we hope you can experience the thing that brought us to this adventure and put us on our life path! Fashion is Fun!