Shoe Obsession - Why do we love shoes so much?

In a lot of my dreams I find the perfect shoe. It has everything my feet and mind has asked for. Then I wake up and that perfect shoe is still floating around in my head and not to be found in my favorite shop.


Part of the hapyrunr venture will be to hunt for that shoe and in the midst of those travels we'll bring back amazing things to share in our boutique. Like that ultimate pizza you recently ate or that perfect glass of wine, we are all on a path to put our tootsies in that most awesome and gorgeous piece of footwear imaginable.

What kinds of shoes do you love?

Flats, spikes, loafers, sneakers? Their is a shoe for every day and every occasion. Our love of shoes goes back centuries. It was a way to show wealth, power and status. I just love the look of them on my feet!

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